WeChat UWP app for Windows 10 is finally here, the same app which was earlier discontinued in favour of the ported Win32 app is now once again available on the Windows Store. Named WeChat UWP, the app is compatible with Windows 10 Mobile, PC and even HoloLens.

Despite Tencent has named it WeChat UWP, the application is only available for Windows 10 PCs on the Windows Store. However, as WeChat claims that the app is compatible with Windows 10 Mobile, the app will be soon available for mobile devices as well.

So far Tencent has launched three WeChat apps for Windows operating system, one was the proper Windows 10 app for PC, another one is the Win32 app and lastly Wechat for Windows Phone. The new WeChat UWP app for Windows 10 ditches the hamburger menu for better user experience.

The Microsoft Store page description reads that the WeChat is designed for the Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform. It comes with all basic features such as the ability to send text, photos, files messages and playback audio messages in chats.

You can also view sight, animated stickers and real-time location shared by friends. And lastly, the app lets you search articles from the official accounts. You can download WeChat UWP for Windows 10 from the Microsoft Store.

Download WeChat UWP for Windows 10.

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