Microsoft has finally updated the current development status of Windows 10 on ARM chipset (Snapdragon processor). It has been a while since Microsoft is testing the Windows 10 ARM with optimized performance and better battery life than any previous version of Windows operating system.

Microsoft has today confirmed that the Windows 10 ARM is almost ready and the operating system is in the final stage of development for the mobile PCs with Snapdragon processor. After more one year testing, Microsoft and Qualcomm have finally managed to run Windows 10 smoothly on ARM chipset without imposing any major limitations.

“The PC space and the phone space have been sort of in parallel universes for a couple of decades … what two better companies to bring those worlds together than Microsoft and Qualcomm?” Microsoft’s Pete Bernard, said today during the Qualcomm 4G/5G Summit in Hong Kong.

Microsoft confirms that the company is getting “pretty far along in the development process” after testing the new operating system on “hundreds of devices”. According to Microsoft, Windows 10 ARM creates a PC experience even more mobile, it is also the most exciting project for Qualcomm.

“We have been engaged with a lot of mobile operators … talking about not only strategically where does this fit into the portfolio and opportunities it brings them, but tactically how do we get these things into the market and into people’s hands,” Microsoft explains.

The Always-Connected devices also need a better technology in operators’ networks for the integration of an embedded SIM (eSIM) so the device could be activated instantly.

“eSIM is a fundamental change to the way that operators run their provisioning stacks, so it’s actually been a three-year journey to get our stacks to a state where we can provision eSIMs over the air,” Bennett added.

Furthermore, he explains that Qualcomm is working hard to optimize the performance and especially the battery life on the always-connected PCs with Snapdragon processor, he notes that Qualcomm’s efforts paid off as the devices will have a have day-long battery charge. “It just has a great battery life,” he said.

The first always-connected PC with Snapdragon processor is expected to hit the market later this year while not all OEMs will launch the Snapdragon-powered Windows 10 PCs this year, however, Microsoft will have enough devices ready by early next year.

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