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Microsoft is updating the Band app on the Windows Store for Windows 10 Mobile and PCs. The latest update for Microsoft Band app brings no new features as the fitness band device has been discontinued. Although the company has finally fixed a bug where the service wouldn’t work.

Microsoft Band has been updated to version 2.3.31002.0 and it is available for all Windows devices such as phones and PCs. As we noted above, Microsoft hasn’t added any new feature but they have finally fixed a bug where “System Error – There was an error. Please try again later” has been fixed.

The Microsoft Band app lets you set wellness goals and get insights. The app works with Microsoft Band that helps you follow a diet plan for a healthier life. The full-color, easily-understandable charts and graphs is easy enough for the users to get the insights.

The same app is also available for Android and iOS, however, Microsoft is not updating the Android app since January. If you have a Microsoft Band, you should download the updated Band app from the below Windows Store.

Download Microsoft Band for Windows 10.

  • Pablo HP

    Unfortunately, Microsoft Band is another product that Microsoft is also killing. For me this is a façade update. Soon the Microsoft Band will also cease to exist. It is another product that does not compensate to buy while Satan Nadella is in command.