The August statistical reports revealed that Windows 10 was growing in terms of market share and the new September report has once again indicated that Windows 10 market share is still steadily increasing despite being out for 2 years. A few months ago, Windows 10 growth slowed down and now it is once again increasing in terms of Windows version market share.

Statcounter’s report shows that Windows 10 market share increased to 39.3%. Windows 7 is still popular, however, the operating system market share dropped to 43.99%. As you can see below, Windows 10 is steadily increasing and it should overtake Windows 7 in the coming months.

Unfortunately, Android is still popular than Windows, this is because Microsoft failed to hold even 1 percent share in the smartphone market where Google and Apple are ruling. Windows usage has however improved in last few months as Android is losing its market share to Microsoft’s operating system.

2018 could be the game changer year for Microsoft as the company is internally testing a new mobile device with Windows Core OS (formerly Andromeda) which unifies the experience across all Windows 10 devices.

  • Jack Smith

    It is not just mobile. The latest numbers for just desktop had Windows lossing 2% and Linux/ChromeOS taking that share as well as taking some from the Mac (OS X).

    • Todd Monroe

      That would be fanboy articale. Wishful thinking at best .
      I am a linux user and windows user . Like linus him self said . I think open source is only way to distribute software . But at the same time. Ill use the best tool for the Job.
      Chrome book sell well as they a cheap to buy. So yes market shar look like there going up. Buy they also have extremely high return rate . Some brick and motar store dont carry them any more and some online places aswell .
      Also linux is an outlier. It market share fluctuate constantly. As new Linux distro come out . Peoples run the new system . Mainly as test . But are not daily machine . Linux has a strong base that hasnt changed in years number wise . android is a version linux that help fuel them numbers.

      At the end of the day long time Mac people and people who only ever used Mac . Hace started switching to windows . That will grow windows narket share all by its self .