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Microsoft Offensive Security Team has discovered a security flaw in Chrome browser. Google Chrome has been reported to most resilient against attacks whereas Microsoft Edge was the most hacked browser at Pwn2Own 2017. Nothing is perfect and neither is Google Chrome.

Recently in an analysis, Google Chrome turned out to be the most resilient against attacks. It was noted that Google has improved the security of the Chrome browser in past few years. On the other hand, Microsoft Offensive Security Team found a security flaw in the Chrome and they have been awarded a price worth of $7,500.


“Modern web browsers such as Chrome or Edge improved security in recent years. Exploitation of vulnerabilities is certainly more complex today and requires a higher skill than in the past. However, the attack surface of modern web browsers is increasing due to new technologies and the increasing complexity of web browsers themselves,” said Markus Vervier, Managing Director of German IT security.

Google has confirmed in a blog post that the security exploit was reported by Microsoft Offensive Security Research and Microsoft ChakraCore team on September 14 and it has been addressed in the latest update released on September 21. Google noted it as a CVE-2017-5121 out-of-bounds access in V8.

Microsoft’s Jordad Rabet reported the security problem. Google released a new updated version 61.0.3163.100 to stable channel for Windows desktop and it has the fix for the security flaw.

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