It appears that Microsoft is now rebranding the Windows Store on Windows 10. Windows Store is now being renamed as Microsoft Store. Windows Store is the built-in app store that comes with Windows 10 operating system and it is available on all Windows 10 devices including Desktops, Mobiles, Xbox and more.

Microsoft launched the Windows Store with Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012. Microsoft has improved the Windows Store with new OS and it is primary means of distributing the Universal Windows Platform.

Today, Microsoft is updating the Windows Store on the Release Preview Ring. The latest update for Windows Store renames the app as ‘Microsoft Store’. The update also revamps the original logo and it has been replaced by the new Microsoft Store logo.

As the update is being released to the Release Preview Ring Insiders, the change isn’t final yet. It looks like that the Windows Store and Microsoft Store websites will be soon merged. At the online store, Microsoft is currently selling the hardware, software. If the rebrand change is permanent, Microsoft will also bring the Store apps to the online store.