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Microsoft is now rolling out a major update to OneDrive for Android, the update is available to selected users and it is expected to roll out widely in the coming days. With this update, Microsoft is revamping the design of the OneDrive app on Android, it looks slicker and better than the iOS version.

Microsoft introduced the hamburger menu in all apps for Windows 10. On the other hand, today company has ditched the hamburger menu on Android’s OneDrive in favour of a new interface called ‘tabbed bar for navigation’. The new navigation system also gives an instant preview of the file stores on the OneDrive. The update brings good changes but it has a bug where sometimes uploading the documents to OneDrive wouldn’t work. Microsoft is, however, working on bug fixing update and it will be released soon.

Apart from the above changes, Microsoft has also added a new section named ‘Me’, it is accessible from the bottom menu. The Me section shows the available storage and you can also view the plan, it also has a logout, recycle bin, notifications option.

Microsoft is slowly trying to improve OneDrive experience on Android devices, the app is already better than Dropbox and it is expected to improve with the upcoming updates. You can download OneDrive for Android from here.

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