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Codenamed Spartan, Microsoft Edge is the default web browser developed by Redmond-giant for its Windows 10 operating system. Microsoft Edge browser is available on Windows 10 PCs, Tablets, Phones and even Xbox One. The new browser replaced Internet Explorer and it is being updated with every new Windows 10 release.

Despite Microsoft is working hard to improve Edge browser on Windows 10, the market share has never been good. Microsoft at its Edge Web Summit in Seattle today announced that the browser is being used by 330 million active Windows 10 devices every month. The Windows 10 device includes PC, Mobile and Xbox One.

Microsoft Edge is a good browser with features such as Cortana, Annotation and more. Still, Edge hasn’t been a major success for the company while the company claims that Microsoft Edge is being used on more than 330 million active Windows 10 devices every month.

On the other hand, US web analytics firm Net Applications revealed the market share of both Microsoft Edge + Internet Explorer dropped to just 21% while the other browsers have been seeing a rise. As Microsoft will release the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update on October 17, the Edge browser will also receive a major update with new features and much-needed Fluent Design changes.

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