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Microsoft and Amazon recently announced that they are partnering to integrate Cortana and Alexa digital assistants on their respective platforms. Alexa is coming to Windows 10 with help of Cortana. On the other hand, the Echo speakers will bring Cortana to Alexa’s home.

The integration of two digital assistants on one platform sounds little awkward but it would benefit both companies. For example, you can ask Alexa to open Cortana. Similarly, Cortana will also open Alexa when she will be asked.

Microsoft is one step ahead of Amazon as today the company has released an update to Cortana. The latest update adds Amazon’s Alexa integration, you can now ask Cortana to order Alexa from Android smartphone. Apart from Alexa’s entry, Microsoft has also added new features to Cortana and as well as improvements with the new version 2.9.3.

Microsoft has introduced the new hamburger menu with links to the most important features such as the Notebook. The company has also revamped the settings page UI to make it user-friendly. Furthermore, the Hey Cortana voice command now lets you make a call and send SMS.

Download Cortana for Android.

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