When Microsoft announced Windows 10 for Phones, the company had also unveiled Continuum. It goes without saying that Continuum is Windows 10 Mobile’s best feature even though it hasn’t been updated in past two years. With Continuum, you can get PC like experience with your Windows Phone. All you need do is connect the phone to a monitor, keyboard, mouse and enjoy the PC like experience.

It is possible to enable Continuum on any Lumia via Miracast. You cannot use it with the dock as it requires the USB-C Type and some other hardware features. Windows Phone’s Miracast screen sharing feature is available on all latest phones such as the Lumia 640, 650.

The hack has been tested on phones such as the Lumia 640s, Lumia 650, Lumia 930 and similar devices that support Miracast.

How to enable Continuum on any Lumia Windows Phone

  1. If you have the latest Creators Update Build 15063.297, then download the cab from here. For Anniversary Update devices with build 14393.1593, you will need to download the cab file from here.
  2. Move the downloaded cab file to a new folder on your PC.
  3. Download iutool for PC from here. And extract it.
  4. Connect the phone to the PC using USB.
  5. On PC, start CMD as admin and navigate to the folder where you’ve extracted iutool.
  6. Type the below command on CMD:
  7. iutool -l
  8. Your phone would show up on the screen. Now type the below command on CMD:
  9. iutool -V -p “the path of the folder where you put the cab file”
    for example: iutool -V -p F:\Continuum
  10. If you receive an error, you will need to try again. If it still doesn’t work, go to Windows Update and try again.
  11. Download Interop Tools from the Windows Store. Open the hamburger menu and go to Tweaks > Force Continuum. Restart the phone and you will have Continuum.
  12. Alternatively, you can create a new registry with the following values:
  13. Registry Type: Integer
    Registry key path: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\shell\docking
    Registry Value Name: EnabledForTest
    Registry Value Data: 1
  14. Restart the phone to get Continuum!

Known Issues:-

  • The xap apps will no longer work on the phone.
  • Phone heating problem when using Continuum.
  • The keyboard and mouse wouldn’t work, you can use phone’s touchpad to control the monitor.

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