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Google dominates search but if you think Microsoft’s Bing is nothing when compared to Google, then you’re absolutely wrong. Microsoft has surprised everyone with the latest comScore search engine market share report. Bing seems to be bigger than we all think as it has grabbed a significant share in the US.

comScore qSearch revealed that Bing has 33% of share in the US. While on other hand, Bing has 23% share in the UK and 20% share in Hong Kong. It goes without saying that the United States is the biggest market for Microsoft’s Bing and the market share is significantly increasing in the country.

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While in the Asian countries, Bing isn’t performing really well. Although, the search engine has grabbed 26% of share in Taiwan which is quite surprising considering the country is small. The United States is still the largest market for Bing while the worldwide share is unfortunately below 10%.

Although, the latest data from NetMarketShare speaks the opposite. Bing has a worldwide share of 7% (6.97%) while Microsoft claims it is above 10% which is quite surprising.

Bing has been getting new features lately and it does directly compete with Google. Do you use Bing or Google? Let us know in the comments below.


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