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Microsoft is now rolling out a new update to Photos app on the Windows 10 Creators Update devices. The update brings significant changes to the Photos app. The app has got some new features and major improvements.

You can now search for the photos directly from the app. The search is based on the content or theme of the photo. If you search for mountains, you will find the photos related to mountains. The search feature is not dependent on the name of the photo, Microsoft is using the AI to power this new feature.

Another good addition to the photos app is the new video editing tool. The photos app will automatically convert the pictures into a video clip. Furthermore, you can also share the video clips with your friends.

A new feature ‘People’ lets you name and group¬†people in your photos and videos. The new technology will use face recognition to group images of people. Google’s Photos too have similar feature and it is now available in Photos app. You can find the list of others changes¬†here.

Download Photos app for Windows 10.