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Bread Player is a new music player for Windows 10, available on PC, Mobile and even HoloLens. Bread is an innovative and creative music player with interesting features and buttery-smooth UI. If you’re looking for something that is able to stand out from the crowd, Bread Player could be your best bet.

It has a better look and more features than any other music player available on the Windows Store. As Bread Player is based on Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform, you’ll notice the same features and UI across all Windows 10 devices.

Bread lets you play songs, organize music, make playlists and much more. The player has a better look and playback engine than Groove Music player. The best part is that Bread Player has no ads and it is an open-source player available for free on the Windows Store.

Bread player has the Fluent-design like elements and it looks even more attractive than Microsoft’s Groove Music. The smooth play and pause transition improves the overall experience. It also comes with a 10-band Equalizer + PreAMP and Scrobbling.

It also has a feature that lets you stop the music after the selected song. You can set the playlists as private and as well as manually change any tracks album art. Here’s the list of features that comes with Bread Player.

  • Open Source & Free.
  • Full functional music library with sorting, filtering, search etc and drag/drop.
  • Flawlessly plays all major formats (mp3, wav, flac, ogg, aiff etc.).
  • Playlist import/export (.m3u, .pls etc).
  • Scrobbling.
  • Hardware-Independent 10-Band Equalizer with PreAMP.
  • Amazing performance with ability to load 12,000 songs in 120s with complete tags and album arts.
  • Favorites, Most Played, Recently Player and Recently Added Capabilites.
  • Dark/Light theme and various accents.
  • Private Playlists (still experimental).
  • Prevent Screen From Locking & Lockscreen Wallpaper change according to album art.
  • Relocate songs and change their album arts.
  • Notification for upcoming song (both in app and global).
  • A preview for previous song and next song (hover/hold to show).
  • Stop after this song ability.
  • Smooth play/pause transitions.

Download Bread Player for Windows 10.

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