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Ex. Microsoft CEO and Founder Bill Gates has been the World’s Richest person on this planet for many years. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’s net worth was over 89 billion dollars before the Markets closed on Wednesday and the net worth of Ex. Microsoft CEO and Founder Bill Gates was just over 90 billion dollars.

Today Amazon had seen a slight increment in their shares while the Microsoft’s saw their shares fell slightly making the Amazon boss World’s Richest Person. It’s the first time in years that someone has toppled Bill Gates from this position. Amazon CEO’s wealth has seen a rapid rise in the past 5 years where his net worth has grown by 70 billion dollars.

Keeping in mind the recent rapid rate of Amazon’s growth there is no doubt that Amazon CEO would soon create history by being the first man to have a net worth of 100 billion dollars and create a world record. Amazon is the market leader currently for the cloud services and Microsoft is second to them in this list.

Anyways, Bill Gates has achieved a fate no one ever had and he has been the richest man for 18 of the past 23 years and his work has inspired many individuals and group all over the world.

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