The biggest advantage for Microsoft’s Windows operating system has been the availability of a huge number of devices from OEMs whose prices range from cheap to premium. Well, when you have the option to buy from so many devices it’s really a tough job for users to select one from them.

For that Microsoft has developed an interactive tool called “Help me choose” that will assist you to find a device that suits your needs. This interactive tool will first ask you for what purpose you would be using the devices like whether you need it for school or personal use or work or creative work or gaming. After that, it will ask you to select features that you would require on the devices. After about 3-4 steps of questions, you will be shown the various devices that would be suitable for you.

You can go here to this website and check it yourself. It’s very nice to see Microsoft trying to assist users when they want to buy a new Windows 10 device. What does our reader think about this tool from Microsoft? Comment below.

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