Microsoft had today posted a blog about their journey on building the next generation of Skype. Microsoft has talked about the last months’ introduction of new generation of Skype where they had completely redesigned the way Skype looks. They had also added new features on the lines of popular features of Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat like stories. They have also announced today new features that will be available to users in the coming weeks.

  • Skype would now show the Status of users on the home screen which will allow them to easily find who is active.
  • Microsoft would also be adding the native sharing capabilities on both Android and iOS for giving you an easy option for sharing content to Skype chats from other apps and services.
  • They have added new themes and colors options for users to enable them and making the app more personalised.
  • The UI of the app will be improved to make it easier to navigate and access your conversations.

Users will soon start receiving these features for their phones once they update the app from their Android and iOS app stores.

  • The new Skype for Android is a HORRIFIC piece of UI/UX Excrement that Everyone I’ve spoken with HATES with a passion approaching that reserved for Democrats in the presence of Donald Trump. Microsoft, in their apparent quest to make Skype Relevant to all of the Twelve Year Olds (Mental or Physical Age) using Snap has RUINED Skype for the rest of us. The best thing Microsoft could do at this point is reinstate the previous UI and BEG for users forgiveness! Until they fix this ABORTION, I’m going to use Hangouts or any other app that lets me intuitively navigate from Video Conference Call to txt messaging to voice calling, without worrying I’ve activated some feature that has me looking like a dog on the other end of the call! #EpicFail