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In March 2017, Microsoft had claimed that it has 145 million monthly active users across Windows, Android, iOS and Xbox where the included even the search as a active usage. And now a new report from Verto Analytics study has reaffirmed the Microsoft’s claims by reporting that Cortana is among few digital assistants which is seeing a tremendous increase in engagement by the users of the United States.

The report says that Microsoft’s Cortana seen a tremendous increment from 0.2 million to 0.7 million monthly active users which is about 350% increase yearly. The stickiness ratings also tripled from 19% to 60%. The report had also showed that Amazon’s Alexa is also a huge gainer and it has an increment from 0.8 million to 2.8 million which is also huge and is about 325% increase in monthly unique users. While the stickiness rating has also doubled from 10% to 22%. Apple’s Siri sits on the top of the number of total users with 41.4 million but it has seen 15% yearly decrease.

But Verto analytics has also also that the average time of usage of the Digital assistant has seen a decrease from 30 minutes in a month in February 2017 to 18 mins in a month in May 2017. They have also said that usage of Digital assistant app is currently less than 0.1% of the total time users spend in smartphone apps overall.

This report has collected data for the last 1 year from about a sample size of setting around 20,000 US consumers. One thing we are quite sure that with the help of this report and the number of Monthly active users which are increasing for Microsoft’s Digital Assistant they can now try to get more developers to port their Amazon Alexa skills to Cortana Skills kit which promises to have a greater reach and engagement.

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