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Microsoft launched Windows 10 operating system with new Edge Browser that comes with a lot of interesting features and major improvements over Internet Explorer. Microsoft promotes Edge browser on its official website and inside the Windows 10 operating system. Microsoft calls Edge browser better than Google’s Chrome and especially when it comes to battery life.

Microsoft has also published a benchmark that proves Edge consumes less battery and offers increased battery life than Firefox and Google’s Chrome. Once again, Microsoft has tried to praise Edge browser by defaming Google Chrome and Firefox.

A video published on a YouTube channel Linux Tech Tips has confirmed that Microsoft hide the actual truth in the benchmarks. The YouTube channel has published the complete benchmark scores that has more details than Microsoft’s Benchmark reports.The test has proved that Chrome is more energy-efficient than Microsoft Edge browser. It seems Microsoft has faked the benchmark reports or they have tested it on its own methodology.

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We are expecting Microsoft to make Edge a better browser with the future updates of Windows 10. Microsoft Edge need to receive updates directly from the Windows Store in order to stay up-to-date with other rival browsers.

Which browser do you think is better: Edge, Chrome or Firefox?

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