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WhatsApp is currently working on bringing its “Snapchat” like feature to both its Web and Desktop application. The team is currently internally testing the Status feature to be launched soon on Web and Desktop application.

The App currently has a new Status Button. When users get a new status a badge will appear on the button. The opening of Statuses List will show you the new and old status received. A new UI for received Status updates is being worked on and will also support ability to upload photos, videos and GIFs along with ability to post photos via webcam of your desktop or laptop. Statuses when opened will be marked as read if the Read Receipt option has been enabled and you will be able to reply to the Statuses.

The above features are currently hidden in the latest update to the Web and Desktop application and should be enabled once the WhatsApp team is done with its internal testing.

You can download the currently version of WhatsApp Web from this link. We will keep you updated once the above hidden features are enabled for the Web and Desktop application.