After the WannaCrypt Ransomware cyber attack in United Kingdom, United States’s John Zangardi, acting chief information officer at the Defense Department says his top priorities will be to advance the transition to Windows 10 OS.

John Zangardi

Zangardi said “The objective is to be done and in our networks by the end of this calendar year,”

Zangardi also noted that his priorities for cyber security at DoD would include efforts to maximize capability and lethality, reduce the cyber attack surface, understand the department’s information technology infrastructure and build up efficiency and effectiveness. He said the need to drive efficiency seeks to facilitate the deployment of military capabilities to war fighters as well as “free up dollars that can be put into the procurement of planes, or ships or tanks or bullets.”

This comes after multiple reports in British media, “approximately 90 percent of care facilities in the U.K.’s National Health Service are still using Windows XP.” Its good to see now that US DoD is ready to avoid such attacks in future. Ransomware attack which happened in nearly all over the world is a kind of cyber attack that involves hackers taking control of a computer system and blocking access to it until a ransom is paid.

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