The "Pick up where you left off" feature on windows 10. (Image Courtesy:

The “pick up where you left off” feature as the name suggests is the capability to continue with your work irrespective of the device you started with e.g. Start working on your work PC and then finish up on your home PC. Basically, what this feature is supposed to do is let you launch an application on one device and continue working on another Windows 10 device from where you left off, thus offering a seamless transition between devices and similar experience no matter if you’re at the desk or on the go.

This feature is entirely based on Cortana, as the personal assistant is available across all Windows 10 devices, and will be able to restore not only the state of a specific app but also complete your workspaces as well.

It became available last month with the Windows 10 creators update but can only function between PCs. Microsoft aims to curb this limitation by expanding the feature to include Windows 10 mobile, Android and IOS (since Cortana is available on all these platforms). The tech giant announced this plan today (day 2) at its annual Build conference 2017 event. Microsoft also announced that the feature will become available this fall on all aforementioned platforms.

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