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Microsoft has been working for some time now with its plans for a Home Hub. Initially the Home Hub was rumored to be a Cortana powered speaker to compete with Amazon Echo. But today the Redmond Giant wants to take the family PC by launching the Home Hub in Windows 10.

Home Hub’s home screen will show the calendar for the family, the to do lists as well as all the notes. Home Hub will also distinguish between different users just like Google’s Home Speaker which would mean that users would be able to check their own personal to do lists and schedule their family’s Home Hub as well.

The Home Hub will let users control their smart home device and Microsoft is planning to add support for devices from smart home gadget makers like Philips Hue, Samsung’s Smart Things etc. The Hub also gives and option for Windows 10 users to control all of their smart devices in their home right from the Home Hub device by using a dedicated app.

The Home Hub will be giving competition to Amazon’s Echo Show which looks very basic in terms of features. The only main feature of Echo is the video calling which users will be able to access via Skype on the Home Hub.

The company says that the Home Hub is expected to arrive in Windows 10 with the next major update to be arriving around September this ¬†year. We would be able to know more about the Home Hub in detail at the Microsoft’s annual developer conference which starts today in a short while from now or at the Shanghai event scheduled for May 23rd.