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Microsoft has released a major update for Windows Store on Windows 10 Mobile Devices. The latest update for Windows Store on Windows 10 Mobile has introduced significant changes and major improvements. The update is currently available on Windows 10 Mobile, the update is yet to be released for PCs and Tablets.

Windows Store also faced a major outage because of this update. The update brought some major changes to the UI of the Windows Store. Microsoft has added download speed meter on app download pages and download page. In fact, the Google’s Play Store lack this feature.

Microsoft has also improved the search bar and hamburger menu. Furthermore, Windows Store now functions smoothly and the bugs have been squashed as well. You can grab the latest update by opening Windows Store app on your phone and tapping on check for updates button.

The update is available for Windows Insiders in the Fast, Slow and Release Preview Ring. If you notice any other changes, do let us know in the comments below.

  • Manish Choudhary

    All i care about right now is the VoLTE feature coming to eligible handsets as this is getting frustrated by the day, not to be able to take advantage of free calling services.

  • გოგიტა კუპატაძე

    I don’t have any updates :/

  • counterblow

    If its not available to the public, its NOT available! Insiders are NOT John Q Public! Stop posting this crap unless it is actually on a public non insiders build!

  • გოგიტა კუპატაძე

    I am insider

  • Live Slow

    T-Mobile in the US with Windows Phone already has VoLTE on the Idol 4s. So the issue is not with Windows 10 mobile…it’s with your network provided. My Lumia 930 on Verizon does not have VoLTE but on T-Mobile my Idol 4s is GOLDEN! bye bye 930…screw Verizon.