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Microsoft announced its new Windows 10 S OS yesterday at their Education event. The OS has been specifically geared towards schools that need minimal functionality on their computers to prioritize speed and security. Along with the new Windows 10 S OS , the company also introduced the Office Suite to the Microsoft Store for Education.

The Office Apps are available from the Store which are specifically for Education and would need school credentials to get them downloaded. The Office Apps will be currently available in Preview version this June with the general release planned later this  year.

The new preview of Office contains the Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps which are now delivered and updated from the Microsoft Store for Education.  The apps delivered from the Store will use new Store-based install and update technology and the apps will only be available in 32-bit format whereas Office COM add-ins aren’t supported on Windows 10 S.

The company has also made Office 365 free for students and teachers with school accreditation  and offering them as a part of Microsoft’s plan for the future of education. Since the Office Apps are available in limited preview right now, the same are currently not available for download just yet. However the same should be available this coming Summer for educators who want to get their hands on it before the school year begins this Fall.