Image Courtesy: Microsoft.com

Microsoft is currently making significant changes to its Share experience with the Latest Windows 10 Creators Update. The experience is being brought to both the User as well as the Developers.

The users will be having a new Share Icon which lot of users on iOS and Android have already been accustomed with. When the users tap on the Share icon inside any app a dialog will appear in the centre of the invoking app to show the apps to which you can share the content.



Other than the apps installed on the user’s PC the company is also promoting Share Target apps in the Windows Store directly, meaning users can tap to install the specific app from the Windows Store.

To make it easier for users to find the apps Microsoft is allowing developers to directly inject Share contact as part of the Share experience. Microsoft is also introducing a new event called “OnShareOperationCompleted” which will provide developers to include a Share provider if the user does not find the given app in the Windows Store.