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Microsoft today expanded the list of supported languages for its Skype app for Windows 10. The company has added Japanese language to the list of supported languages.  Skype users will now be able to speak via video or voice to their friends or families in Japan in the local language.

The Skype Translator will Translate the Japanese language in real time for both parties. The addition of Japanese language brings the list of supported languages to 10 which includes English, Arabic and more.

The Translation feature works on Windows Desktop app along with the Skype Windows 10 App for Mobile. Japanese language has been the most difficult languages for English speakers to learn especially for people who travel to Japan as a Holiday destination. With the Skype Translator now available in Japanese it makes it easier for lot of users to now converse in the local language.

To try out Japanese or any of the other Skype Translator supported languages, simply click on the globe icon on the Skype Windows Desktop or the Skype Translator button on the Skype Preview app on Windows 10 and start chatting.

You can download the Skype app for Windows 10 by clicking the below Windows Store Link.

Download Skype For Windows 10