Image Courtesy: Microsoft .com

There are lot of users who are using Windows 10 on their PCs, Laptops and Tablets. Out of them majority of users are gamers who actually like the Windows 10 platform. The reason being that the OS is very nice and brings lot of improvements especially to the gamers on Windows.

With the upcoming Windows 10 Creators update the gamers will be able to enjoy more of the OS since it will be bringing some new features to the OS. According to a Survey in March 2017, Windows 10’s 64 bit claims 50% of the market which is a gain of 2.44% and Windows 10’s 32 bit saw a decline of 0.01%.

Overall the OS now claims 51.2% of the market. Microsoft’s other OS Windows 8.1 saw a 0.03% growth for 64 bit and Windows 7 saw a decline in market share and now stands to claim 34.74% of the market.

The numbers above prove that Windows 10 is still the leader on the market with 96.5% of the share which is a growth of 0.09% last month and this is bad news for competitors of Microsoft in case they are planning to take over the PC market from the Redmond Giant.