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HP along with Microsoft have launched a flagship Phone, the HP Elite X3. The Flagship Phone from HP is built with Microsoft’s greatest feature Continuum. The HP Elite X3 runs Microsoft’s Latest OS, Windows 10 Out of the box.

Windows 10 Mobile has been slowly making its way in the enterprise future as the device of choice for users like the Salesman, police officers etc., as the Operating System is built with Continuum for Phone feature which is the most important selling point for companies.

The first being the promise of developing and updating only one App to be the UWP app for both desktop and Phone. Secondly using Microsoft’s Client Management tool to manage the devices and the third and the last being the familiarity of users with Windows 10.

IT is important to remind the Windows Phone Fans that in-spite of the company neglecting the Continuum feature for Phones, it actually offers some very useful and high productivity features.

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In the above Video titled “Continuum in 2017” on YouTube, it reminds us that even though the features have not had many changes over the past couple or more months but still it is a powerful Windows 10 Smartphone which could replace nearly any PC.