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Microsoft to give more secure browsing with Windows 10 Creators Update. To do so company is improving security in Microsoft Edge. Basically every browser uses sandboxing technique to isolate the browser attack from rest of system.

Earlier Microsoft offered this sandboxing mechanism through a feature called as Protected Mode in Internet Explorer. Recent analysis suggests that the with the Microsoft Edge, every Internet page visited by users will be rendered directly into an app container by default, the latest and most secure client-side app sandbox in Windows. There are several app containers are used by Edge. First there was a parent app container, which create a small number of additional app containers to host content from the internet.

But with the first Windows 10 Anniversary Update, company moved Flash into their own, separate app container. Basically what it means here is that when a hacker attack on one of the app containers to get access of personal data stored on device they need to first escape from the sandbox.

But with the Windows 10 Creators Update more improvements are coming in Edge which bring more strength to Edge sandbox. For that they have created a tuned sandbox for the Microsoft Edge content process, with a much tighter fit to the functional needs of the software than a normal app container provides.

In addition with the content process Microsoft also bring some more security features in it such as less privileged app containers, again with a custom-crafted container profile built from capabilities. With these improvements, Microsoft is claiming the following numbers regarding the sandbox attack surface.

Here take a note that the reducing the attack is not in the hand of anyone but trying to prevent it make browsing more secure is that what company can do. Microsoft will soon share how this new feature will effect the real-world attacks.

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