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Microsoft had earlier announced that it will be releasing Touch Bar Support and Add ins to its Outlook 2016 for Mac Devices. The company is today rolling out the update for Outlook 2016 on Mac Pro Devices which would be coming with the Touch Bar Support and Add ins to Outlook.

With the new Touch Bar Support Microsoft confirms that the users will be getting access to common formatting options while writing or replying to an email. You will also be able to get access to things like flagging, replying, etc with Outlook 2016 along with a new toggle between the email and calendar view which lets you easily switch between Outlook Mail and Calendar.

With the latest update the company has also enabled add in to Outlook 2016 app for Mac, meaning you will be able to send GIFs on your emails using the Giphy add in and also translate emails using the in build Microsoft Translator add in. In addition to the above Microsoft is also delivering its official add on for Dynamics 365 on Outlook 2016 which lets you easily track your emails.