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Microsoft is ending the support for Windows Vista on April 11. The support for the ageing operating system is finally coming to an end. Windows Vista is now a nine year old operating system and it failed to meet the expectations. Features on Windows Vista were modern but it has been criticized by the users due to issues with privacy, security, performance, driver support and product activation. Microsoft has already ended the mainstream support for Windows Vista in April 10, 2012.

If you still prefer to use Windows Vista after 11th April, you will no longer receive any security patches or hotfixes. Furthermore, users will not be able to get support options. Windows Vista will become vulnerable to security risks and antivirus software will not be able to keep your PCs secure. Microsoft has revealed that the new apps and games will not be supported by the operating system as more software and hardware manufacturers would continue to optimize software for more recent versions of Windows.

Microsoft has even discontinued the support for Internet Explorer 9 on Windows Vista as your PC might get exposed to the threats when surfing the web on a insecure operating system. It is worth noting that Google has discontinued the support for Chrome Browser on Windows Vista Devices back in 2016.

Microsoft recommends the users to upgrade their PCs to Windows 10. Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 10 would continue to receive software updates every year. Windows 10 is one of the advanced and secured Microsoft’s operating system. Is your PC still running on Windows Vista?

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