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Microsoft released build 15055 for Mobile and PC today for insiders in the fast ring. While no new features were introduced, there were some good bug fixes(read about it here). Though the changelog mentioned about nothing new, it looks like Microsoft did add something new to he build, the feedback hub.

The Feedback Hub(previously Windows Feedback) is a very important app that has been present in Windows 10 since day one. Instead of taking it to the uservoice and forums, users can directly submit their queries and suggestions to Microsoft and the app devs through the Feedback Hub. Starting as a very basic app, the Feedback Hub received many updates which made it more user friendly and powerful.

Today, Microsoft has shipped in some new features with the Feedback Hub. Firstly there is a new ‘My Feedback’ section under Feedback, which shows feedback that are most relevant to you.

Also added are some new animations, a few UI tweaks here and there, and finally, some performance fixes. The Announcements section now opens up quickly and so do the posts there. Also the Feedback Hub refreshes quicker than before. The ‘Device & Activity’ page has been removed from the Profile page.

Overall the update adds more polish and smoothness to the app, and as Feedback Hub is very necessary to the insiders and production build users alike, the update is welcome.

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