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Microsoft has recently been pushing out many app updates for its stock apps like Groove, Movies & TV and Skype to Windows 10 Devices. While the updates were available for all Slow Ring Insiders and later on the Production/Release Preview Ring, Fast Ring didn’t get any of them.

Conspicuously absent for Fast Ring Insiders on PC and Mobile, these app updates never made their way. While Insiders were displeased and started taking the queries to Twitter and Feedback Hub, Microsoft’s Brandon LeBlanc answered the doubt.

It looks like Microsoft is testing that the Creator’s Update OOBE works smoothly and the app updates work separately from the OS update. The issue is temporary and will get resolved soon. However if you still want to grab those updates, join the slow ring, update the apps and go back to the fast ring again.

So there it is. Don’t fret if you are not getting the new app updates on your phone or PC. We’ll update this post when the situation becomes normal again. After all, being an insider is not quite a hassle free task, right?