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Windows 10 Cloud is a thing now, and recent leaks have suggested that it is almost ready for primetime. Now a new leak has surfaced and it further solidifies the fact the Windows 10 Cloud will only allow store apps.

MSPU has got their hands on an unreleased build of Windows 10 Cloud and has confirmed that only Store apps could be installed. What appeared more interesting was that though Win32 apps couldn’t be installed, Centennial apps from the store could be installed. In case you forgot, Project Centennial allows developers to port their Win32 apps to the Windows Store. Adding to the store will have its perks like live tiles and hassle free updates.

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It also looks like Windows 10 Cloud won’t allow users to install apps from anywhere other than the Windows Store, which is a good thing. Apps from the Store will be sand-boxed, so no viruses, plus it will boost the app influx in the store. Windows 10 Cloud is primarily targeted towards the Chromebook and cheap notebook sector, so no doubt it will have less features than its powerful brothers.

With apps like Microsoft Office making its way into the Windows Store, it will be a matter of time before other devs bring their apps over to the Windows Store.

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