Microsoft had been working on a third generation version of Band fitness devices but the company cancelled the Band 3 before the device official launch. However, now the pictures of Microsoft Band 3 has surfaced online. Microsoft Band 3 had received some improvements over the previous generations of Band series.

Microsoft’s Band 3 looks slim, comfortable and powerful compared to the Band 2. Microsoft Band 3 has a swimming feature along with blood pressure and heart rate monitoring features.

Like the Lumia, Microsoft has also ended the fitness Band device series for now. Band 3 could have been a good upgrade to the previous Band devices.

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  • Squirrelmaster

    I’m not sure I agree with the statement that “Microsoft cancelled the Band 3 before its launch.” All they officially said was that they wouldn’t be releasing a Band 3 “in 2016”. That could easily mean they just found it wasn’t quite ready and they release one in early 2017… or it could mean cancelled, but there is no real evidence to support that over “just not in the next 2 months”

    • Mayank Parmar

      It seems, they are planning to launch a Windows 10 powered smartwatch with Cortana integration. They have given up on Band devices.

      • Squirrelmaster

        Do you have any evidence for that? Win10, even IoT version, is WAY too resource hungry for a wearable at this time. So, unless they have some amazing hardware breakthrough up their sleeve, I don’t believe it

  • Alex Bayes

    Are Microsoft one thing and next they come out with it