Windows 10 KB5032278 with Copilot

Windows 10 KB5032278 is out with Windows Copilot

Windows 10 KB5032278, with the highly-anticipated Microsoft Copilot feature, is finally heading to production. This update is available for download via Settings > Updates & Security > Windows Update, and you...

You can now enable automatic optional updates on Windows 10

After bringing Copilot to Windows 10, Microsoft is bringing a new Windows Update feature to the OS from Windows 11. With the improved group policy "Enable optional updates", you can now...
Enable Microsoft Copilot

How to enable Microsoft Copilot on Windows 10

Microsoft is planning to bring the Copilot feature, similar to the one in Windows 11, to Windows 10. If you can't wait, my article explains how to turn on the AI on Windows 10.
Copilot on Windows 10 hands on

Hands on: This is Bing Chat-powered Copilot on Windows 10

Exclusive look at the upcoming Copilot for Windows 10. The new AI powered feature on Windows 10 uses Bing Chat and ChatGPT features, including
Windows Copilot on Windows 10

First look at ChatGPT-powered Microsoft Copilot for Windows 10, now in beta

Microsoft is introducing Windows Copilot, powered by Bing Chat and ChatGPT-4, to Windows 10 users. This feature, currently available in the Release Preview Channel, uses a combination of large language models, including GPT 3.5, GPT-4, and Microsoft's in-house models.
Windows 10 KB5032189 update

Windows 10 KB5032189 released (direct download links)

Windows 10 KB5032189 "Windows 10 November 2023 Update" is rolling out, and Microsoft says users can download it via Windows Update. To grab the Windows 10 KB5032189 offline installers, go to...
Windows Copilot for Windows 10

Windows 11’s Microsoft Copilot is coming to Windows 10 after all

The integration of Copilot into Windows 10 not only enhances the user experience for a large user base but also aligns with Microsoft's strategic focus on AI. This update promises to bring the same level of AI-powered assistance to Windows 10 as is currently available in Windows 11,
Windows 10 KB5031445 update

Windows 10 KB5031445 is out with performance fixes

Windows 10 gets a new optional update, but it's quite boring with minor improvements and fixes.
Windows 10 LTSC bloatware

Windows 10 LTSC bloatware-free promise challenged by recent security updates

Windows 10 LTSC, known for fewer updates, has faced backlash after unexpected changes in its September and October 2023 updates.
Windows 10 October 2023 Update KB5031356 issues

Microsoft confirms issues in KB5031356 Windows 10 October 2023 update

Windows 10 October 2023 Update is turning out to be a disaster for some users. Microsoft has stepped in and confirmed it's aware of at least one issue

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