• Microsoft is working to improve the controversial Start Menu in Windows 11, responding to user feedback and complaints.
  • A notable feature spotted in recent Canary builds is the addition of folders in the Start Menu’s “Recommended” section, aiming to declutter and organize it.
  • Alongside Start Menu modifications, Windows 11 is introducing more customization options, including a new scrollable list in the Quick Settings panel, allowing users to navigate through their quick actions swiftly.

One of the main complaints that users have with Windows 11 is the Start Menu. It was a radical departure from the previous versions of Windows. Many users disliked it right from the bat and relied on third-party tools to tweak it.

Microsoft listened to the users and returned a few features with the feature updates, but the complaints aren’t over yet. However, that might change since Microsoft plans to improve the Start menu interface and reduce the clutter with “folders” support for items in the recommended section.

Start Menu folders are expanding to the Recommended section with automatically grouping similar items. In newer Windows 11 Canary builds, Microsoft will automatically create folders in the Start menu to group items in the recommended section. The addition should be good news for some since it will make the section more organized.

Folders in Start menu
Folders in the Start menu’s recommendation section | GIF Courtesy:

The recommended section is the point of much debate among users. While a few like it, most users turn it off.

If you are still unsure about how to turn it off, we have listed the steps below for you,

  1. Open the Settings app and click on Personalization.
  2. Click on Start.
  3. You will find three toggles (“Show recently added apps”, “Show most used apps” and “Show recently opened items in Start, Jump Lists, and File Explorer”).
  4. Proceed to turn them off to reduce the recommended section presence.

This will turn off the recommended section. However, it will leave you with a blank space on the bottom. To reduce the space, click More Pins under the Start section in Settings.

There is highly upvoted feedback to eliminate the recommended space in the Start Menu. If it bothers you, you can search for it in the Feedback Hub and upvote it.

Other changes coming to Windows 11

Microsoft seems to be adding more customization options in Windows 11 and the Start Menu.

First rolled out with Build 25967, the Quick Settings panel is set to get a new scrollable list.

Quick Settings update
Quick Settings’s new scrollable interface | Image Courtesy: Microsoft

This change will help users quickly scroll through their quick actions instead of rearranging them.

However, since this change was spotted in a Canary Insider Build, it may or may not reach the end-users. Microsoft often tests changes and features in the Canary build, only to remove them later.

Whatever might be the case, the changes in the Start Menu and Quick Settings aren’t reaching users with Windows 11’s 23H2 update.

We can only hope Microsoft ports those features to Windows 11 in the upcoming updates.

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