Windows Terminal with AI on Windows 11

Microsoft is integrating AI into Command Prompt, PowerShell and other command line features supported by Windows 11’s Terminal. This would be the second biggest AI upgrade after Windows Copilot, but we don’t know when the operating system will be updated.

Microsoft is testing the “AI chatbot” integration in Windows Terminal internally, and it was teased during an hour-long Windows WinUI community call with the developers. By integrating the GitHub Copilot Chat experience into the Windows Terminal, Microsoft aims to enhance user experience and broaden the use of AI in its products.

First spotted by Windows Latest, Microsoft confirmed it’s exploring a ChatGPT-like chat interface for Terminal AI. The AI-powered chat in Terminal isn’t about changing its background colour or font, but instead, it can help with everyday command line tasks, such as suggesting commands and clarifying errors.

AI Chat prompt in Windows Terminal

For example, you could ask the Terminal AI to share commands to list directories in the local drive, and the AI will generate the results for you.

Windows Terminal with AI
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An interesting aspect of this AI integration is its ability to recognize the context. For instance, whether you’re working with PowerShell or Command Prompt, the AI will adjust its responses accordingly, ensuring you get relevant assistance.

Rather than relying on memorised commands or extensive searches, you can directly communicate with the Terminal using natural language. If you’re unsure about a specific command or encounter an error, the AI recommends commands, clarifies errors, or even directly implements certain actions within the Terminal.

AI in Windows Terminal

If a user selects a message within the chat, the command isn’t automatically executed in the Terminal. Instead, it’s simply pasted there.

This allows you to review or modify the command based on the AI’s recommendation before taking action, adding an extra layer of user control.

Microsoft is still working on the AI upgrade for Windows Terminal on Windows 11, which is expected to land later this year.

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