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Windows 10 KB5029331 is now available as an optional update and comes with a few noteworthy changes, including a new ‘feature’ that pushes Microsoft accounts via the Start menu. The patch is available via Windows Update, but the tech giant has also published direct download links for Windows 10 KB5029331.

KB5029331 is an optional update that won’t download or install automatically. You can install the update by manually checking updates and selecting the “Download and Install” button.

The patch is titled “2023-08 Cumulative Update Preview for Windows 10 Version 22H2 for x64-based Systems (KB5029331)”, and it’s labelled as “Optional quality update available” on Windows Update. As always, you can safely ignore the update and get the fixes in the September Patch Tuesday release.

One of the noteworthy changes in the update is the company’s latest efforts to push Microsoft Account via the Start menu. The idea is to show users the benefits of using a Microsoft Account. The update adds a special notification badge on the Start menu that gives quick access to vital account-related news.

So, if you use multiple Microsoft apps, this feature aims to show you how your Microsoft Account acts as a bridge, connecting all these apps. Not just that, this account makes sure your data stays safe, helps you manage any subscriptions you have, and you can even add extra layers of security to it.

On Windows 11, we have observed a similar pattern, including deeper Microsoft account integration in Settings, and the same is now heading out to Windows 10.

Download Links for Windows 10 KB5029331

Windows 10 KB5028244 Direct Download Links: 64-bit and 32-bit (x86).

Windows 10 KB5029331 (Build 19045.3393) Full Changelog

Microsoft Account recommendation via the Start menu isn’t the only thing in this update. There’s more.

One change many will find useful is the improvement in location detection by Windows. It’s been enhanced to give users more accurate weather, news, and traffic details. So, if you check the weather before heading out or rely on traffic updates for your commute, this tweak is for you.

Another feature added is in line with global changes. For those in Israel, the update supports daylight saving time changes. This is essential for many software and applications to function correctly.

Searching in Windows is something we all do. The update fixes a previous issue where the search box display had problems. Alongside this, some users had reported a syncing issue. It wouldn’t sync correctly even when they turned on the backup toggle in settings. Microsoft has addressed this in the update.

Now, for those who like to keep backups of their data, there’s good news. This update introduces a new Windows Backup app. This app will be added to your device, ensuring that you have an extra tool to keep your files and data safe.

On the technical side, Microsoft has looked into a concern where the Group Policy Service wouldn’t wait for the default 30 seconds for the network. This caused some policies not to work as they should. This has now been fixed.

Developers get something too. A new Application Programming Interface (API) for D3D12 Independent Devices has been included. It allows for the creation of multiple D3D12 devices using the same adapter.

Here’s a list of all bug fixes in the Windows 10 KB5029331 update:

  • Some apps that imitate keyboard input couldn’t send Japanese characters to other applications. This has been sorted out.
  • Another problem where a type of window, called WS_EX_LAYERED, didn’t show correctly has been fixed. For those who faced issues with print jobs sent to virtual print queues, this update resolves that too.
  • One very user-friendly fix is for the Remote Desktop feature. Users who had sessions disconnect when they used many apps can now expect a smoother experience.
  • There’s also a correction for ClickOnce apps. Previously, even when these were installed and trusted, they’d still ask to be installed again. This won’t happen anymore.
  • Lastly, for businesses who use Windows Update, there was an error that caused issues during password changes and sign-ins. This update takes care of that.

In wrapping up, Microsoft’s latest optional update for Windows 10 is comprehensive. It promotes the Microsoft Account and brings a range of improvements and fixes. It’s a testament to Microsoft’s commitment to continually refining and enhancing the user experience.

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