Windows 11 KB5026446 issues
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Windows 11 KB5026446, which contains the switch to highly-anticipated Windows 11 Moment 3 features hidden by default, is causing many problems. First and foremost, Windows Latest has received reports that the update is installed automatically when users check for updates.

I noticed the update installation trigger in one of my virtual machines when I clicked “Check for updates”. I paused the updates, and the update reappeared as “optional” with a link to “download and install”, preventing the forced and unexpected auto installation of an optional update.

Users have told us that the KB5026446 update automatically installs without them manually checking for updates, a feature that is usually reserved for optional updates. This has led to worries about system stability, as users did not expect an optional update to be installed automatically.

Several users have flagged that the update broke Microsoft Store and Game Pass on Windows 11. There are claims that Xbox Game Pass games were unplayable after installing KB5026446 and that issues were only resolved after uninstalling the mandatory, optional update.

On Feedback Hub, many have confirmed that the update prevents apps from opening and freezing the system in the worst cases. One user reported severe issues when their device entered sleep mode post-update, with the computer failing to restart, fan control becoming unresponsive, and overall PC performance lagging.

These issues only disappeared after the problematic update was uninstalled.

After installation of the mentioned update, when the computer went into sleep mode, it wouldn’t start anymore. The screen didn’t turn on anymore, the red light beside the camera flashed red, and then the computer suddenly rebooted,” the user described their problem after installing the update.

“Fan control wasn’t possible anymore, the laptop’s fans went to 100%, and it wasn’t possible to change the speed – neither with the performance toggle key nor with the ASUS apps that offer this option,” one of the affected users noted.

We have received reports of some devices running into hardware problems, including a bug where the keyboard and mouse wouldn’t work. External keyboards automatically disconnect, and Microsoft has also asked for more details from users to investigate the problem.

How to uninstall KB5026446 and fix Windows 11 May 2023 issues

The troubles issues linked to Windows 11 May 2023 optional update and Moment 3 illustrate the potential challenges that can arise with frequent feature updates and highlight the importance of thorough testing before wide release.

Microsoft has yet to acknowledge the reports, and it looks like removing the patch from the system is the only way to deal with the mess. To uninstall the update, follow these steps:

  1. Open Settings and go to Windows Update.
  2. Open History and Select uninstall updates. “Uninstall a program” link.
  3. Scroll through the list of installed and locate the specific KB update, and click on Uninstall.
  4. Reboot your device.

You can also open Control Panel’s Programs and Features window, click on the “View installed updates” link and find the update to uninstall it.

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