Microsoft Store for Windows 11

Microsoft Store is something that has been available to Windows users for some time, but it has been lagging behind Apple and Google. With Windows 11, Microsoft is riving its app store efforts by bringing apps made in any framework to the Store and adopting a new interface that provides a quick and easy way to browse, install, and update apps.

If you prefer the web interface over Microsoft Store for whatever reasons, there’s a new Microsoft website that lets you download apps directly via the web browser. Microsoft has been working on a new web-based Store for Windows 11 for a while now and it looks like the stable version of the site quietly went live earlier this month.

The web-based version of the Microsoft Store can be found here and it offers a much better experience than the classic web store. Unlike the classic web store which is nested inside, this new web store has been moved to – the same Store also lets you browse and install extensions for Chromium Edge.

Microsoft hasn’t officially announced a design revamp yet and the classic site remains accessible for now.

Microsoft Store web

The Store is titled “Windows Apps” and serves the same goal as the native Store app – to help you explore content when you’re away from the primary device. It’s also useful if you prefer discovering links through a search engine or platforms.

Microsoft Store web on Windows 11

As you can see in the above screenshot, Store web new design is closer to Windows 11 and it seems to follow the Fluent Design principles. It uses rounded corners, minimalist icons, and more. However, it doesn’t have support for dark mode, but this could be added in a future release.

Unlike the classic web store, the new Microsoft Store doesn’t let you view information like the last update date or release date of the app, but you can still view app descriptions, screenshot previews and reviews & ratings.

You can also click on the ‘Install’ button to download the app via a new pop-up which makes the installation process without even opening the app store.

What’s rather interesting is that the portal also offers access to traditional desktop apps including unpacked apps.

Although the store doesn’t have the beta/preview anymore, it is still in the early development and we’re expecting more improvements in the coming months.

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