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Microsoft recently confirmed that the upcoming Windows 11 would be able to run Android apps using Windows Subsystem for Android and Windows Subsystem for Linux. These Android apps will be available through the Microsoft Store, but the actual download process will happen through Amazon Appstore.

Microsoft is integrating Amazon Appstore into the Microsoft Store where Android apps are already available. You can easily search for Android apps through the Microsoft Store and click on the product listings to open the Amazon Appstore within the Microsoft Store and install the app with a few taps.

In late June, Google confirmed that it will require app developers to use the new Android App Bundle (AAB) standard instead of Android Application Package (APK). According to Google, this policy applies to new apps on the Play Store and developers will be required to ditch the current APK file format for new apps.

Technically, Android APK apps are not being discontinued as Android will continue to support the existing format, but it’s likely that developers will stop publishing their apps in APK format after Google begins enforcing AAB for its Play Store. In other words, this new format will eventually replace APK as the standard publishing format.

However, this won’t be a problem for Windows 11. That’s because Amazon has confirmed support for Android App Bundle (AAB) in its Appstore.

“Amazon Appstore is actively working to support the new format, which will provide benefits such as smaller app size downloads for customers and on-demand downloads for features and assets,” the company said.

Android app in Appstore

Most apps available within the Amazon Appstore will automatically work on Windows 11 with the developer’s permission.

Unlike the Play Store, App Bundles won’t be required by Amazon, but developers can soon publish their App Bundles in their Store if they want to easily distribute the same app package across the Play Store and Amazon Appstore.

Sideloading of Android apps would be possible on Windows 11

Google’s push for Android app bundles is not a surprising move and it was known since at least 2018, so it’s likely that Microsoft has already prepared Windows 11 for upcoming changes

One of the benefits of Android support is the ability to sideload Android apps directly into the operating system. Microsoft has already confirmed APK sideload support and it’s likely that Windows 11 will also get support for sideloading of Android App Bundles (AAB), but the process could be a little more complicated.

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