The new Microsoft Store for Windows 10 and Windows 11 comes with some long-awaited changes to the business model and interface. Microsoft Store is getting a brand new design, a search experience, a new app download/install experience, Android apps integration via Amazon AppStore, and more.

More importantly, Microsoft is trying to make its app store open to everyone. Unlike Apple or Google, Windows Store will promote unprecedented “freedom” for developers, with Satya Nadella saying that ‘Windows has always stood for sovereignty for creators’ and Microsoft will continue to support developers.

Microsoft has relaxed the Store policies and developers who want can now bring their apps and games to the Store. The new Microsoft Store, which is also coming to Windows 10 later this year, will allow apps regardless of the framework used to build it.

As a result, you can expect UWP (modern) apps, Win32 (.exe, .msi programs), Electron, React Native, web apps, and APKs in Microsoft Store.

One of the great examples of that is OBS Studio, which is an open-source video editor tool Written in C, C++ and Qt. Earlier today, OBS Studio app was published in the Windows 11 Store by the OBS foundation. Additionally, Microsoft has started rolling out WinZip, Canva, Zoom, and Disney+ in the new Store.

While Win32 apps support has been enabled in the early builds of Store, Android apps support will be introduced via Amazon Appstore later this year.

In addition to third-party apps, Microsoft has promised that it will publish Visual Studio, Teams and other programs in the Store. The company will be highlighting the best apps through a feature called “Stories”, which will make it easier for developers to promote their apps and it will also help users to find them.

Microsoft Store and web browser integration

In the Windows 11 builds, Microsoft is testing support for a new feature called “pop-up store” and it can help users locate an app on the Store through your web browser.

The pop-up store, which will appear on web pages, will allow users to easily manage the install without opening the Store itself.

Microsoft’s vision for new Store

During the event, Microsoft confirmed that Windows 11 Store aims to unite all stores and app frameworks in a single platform to help users get the app they want.

To improve the built-in app store, Microsoft has relaxed the strict policies and announced 100 percent sales revenue for developers using third-party commerce platforms.

Regarding Android apps compatibility, Microsoft spokesperson told us that Store will receive support for Amazon Appstore in the coming months.

“Customers will be able to discover Android apps on the Microsoft Store and acquire them through the Amazon Appstore. We’ll have more to share at a later date,” a Microsoft spokesperson told us in a statement.

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