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Google recently started work on refining the context menus in Chrome browser to get rid of the clutter and redundancy. Google experimented with refined context menus in Google Chrome Canary, and Microsoft is now also bringing Google’s proposed changes to the Edge browser.

Microsoft Edge’s Canary update has removed and moved the options that we see when we right-click the browser’s tabs. The update removes context menu options including open a new tab, close all other tabs, reopen closed tab and bookmark all tabs.

These changes might not be everyone’s cup of tea and some may not like this move by both Microsoft and Google.

Edge context menu
Before and After

The lack of “Reopen closed tab” from the context menu could be annoying for some users, but you can always use the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + Shirt + T) to reopen a closed tab.

Since these right-click menu options are useful in occasional circumstances, Microsoft hasn’t removed ‘Reopen closed tab option’ from the frame context menu which can be accessed by right-clicking outside the tabs area.

After the update, you will find the following options on the context menu:

  • Refresh
  • Duplicate
  • Move to a new window
  • Pin tab
  • Mute tab
  • Close tab
  • Close tabs to the right

The updated context menu is currently live for Edge Canary version on Windows 10.

Update: A new update for Edge Canary restores the context menu options.

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