Windows 7 updates
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The latest market share figures show that Windows 10 has seen a significant uptake in users last month. Windows 10 is taking a commanding lead and Windows 7 keeps going down rapidly.

In July 2019 market share report, Windows 10 increased its share from 45.79% to 48.86%, while the figures give Windows 7 a 31.83% share of the pie. Windows 8.1 also increased its share in July as it jumped from 4.51% to 5.29%. If Windows 8.1 gains more users, it could surpass Mac OS X 10.14.

Some users are still on Windows XP, but the decades-old operating system has also dropped in the latest figures. The market share currently sits at 1.68% and it recorded a drop of 0.13%.

Windows July market share
Data Courtesy: Netmarketshare

Windows 7 support ends in 6 months

Windows 7 is still far from a dead operating system and it holds a market share of 31%.

Microsoft will officially end support for Windows 7 on January 14, 2020. The operating system will stop receiving updates after this date, but large businesses can pay Microsoft to receive premium support.

Gaming market share

Steam market share
Data Courtesy: Valve Steam platform

According to new data, Windows 10 continues to be the number one choice for gamers on Valve’s Steam platform and it also keeps growing every month. Last month, Windows 10 registered a growth of 3.73% and now it holds a market share of 71.57% for the 64-bit version.

Windows 7 64-bit is the runner-up with just 20.40% of the share and it has declined by 3.03% as more users upgraded to Windows 10 or replaced their old machines.

Browser market share

Browser July market share
Data Courtesy: Netmarketshare

The browser user share largely remains. Google Chrome continues to be the most used browser on desktop and it jumped to 68.60% from 66.29%. The market share of classic Edge is now 5.80% versus 6.03% the previous month.

It’s worth noting that the market share of Chromium-based Edge is not available yet and the browser should register a growth when Microsoft launches stable branches of the new Edge.

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