Google Drive in Edge

After Google Meet and Google Doc, Google Drive is also marked as unsupported in Chromium-powered Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Edge uses Chromium that also powers Google Chrome, but due to Google’s whitelisting policy, the new browser has been marked as unsupported.

If you access Google Drive in Microsoft Edge, you will receive an ‘unsupported browser; notification. There is also a link to the list of supported browsers. Although the page lists Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge as supported, the company hasn’t added support for Chromium Edge yet.

If you change the user-agent to any other web browser such as Google Chrome, the error goes away automatically. This could be due to Google’s user-agent sniffing on Google Drive.

Drive in Edge Canary

The same mistake happened a couple of days ago with two other Google services – Google Meet and Google Docs. For Google Meet unsupported message, the search engine giant said that Edge’s new string was not on the whitelist that the service uses.

In future, Google says it will add Edge’s new user-agent to the whitelist and the unsupported error message would go away.

  • Lolloso

    is it a sabotage ?

    • MarDark


  • NinjaByte

    Haw strange! Only happens with Google sites. Nowhere else. And I am still happy. I am all with MS.

    • Roke Beedell

      That’s why User Agent switchers exist!

  • Brian Wescombe

    Hmm Google services not working on a competing browser, weird

  • Pablo HP

    Microsoft deveria proibir a instalação do Google Chrome no Windows. Forçando a Google a se virar.

  • Eduardo Soares

    That’s normal for google standards. Always sabotage their competitors. That’s why I stand with Microsoft, using outlook, Skype, OneDrive and Office instead of these copycat ‘softwares’ that google do.

    • Roke Beedell

      Luckily this time, microsoft had the sense to just change Edge’s user agent whenever it wanted. User agent IDs are really outdated as a form of identification, anyway.

    • Lol, calls Google copycat while Microsoft uses Chromium that Google made. Microsoft got you mixed up good

  • Microsoft comes in and takes Chromium. Now Microsoft acts like Chromium was always theirs and that Google isn’t playing fair. Microsoft claiming they Chrome better than the founders if chrome….why? Because Microsoft was well aware that the majority of it’s users were using chrome anyways.
    Microsoft just being Microsoft