Microsoft Your Phone app

When Microsoft introduced Windows 10’s Your Phone app in October 2018, the app only allowed users to access all of the phone photos and send/receive text messages directly from your connected desktop. In the past few months, Microsoft has updated the application with multiple improvements.

Microsoft recently announced three useful features for Windows 10’s Your Phone app that would allow it to work better with Android devices. The latest update for Insiders introduces a feature that will allow you to view the contact photo if those contacts with the profile photo are already synced to your device.

“You asked for it Windows Insiders. We have now started rolling out contact pictures in Your Phone. So if you have photos assigned to your contacts on your Android phone you’ll see those same photos for them in the app,” a Microsoft engineer announced the latest development on Twitter.

Your Phone recent messages

There’s another useful feature for Insiders that basically let users reply to text messages without opening the Your Phone app. This means when you receive notification of the text messages on your desktop, you should be able to reply to the SMS by directly typing the text on the interactive notification.

“Windows Insiders one more feature for you that we have added to messages in Your Phone: Inline reply! You can now reply to your text messages from the notification without having to open the app,” Microsoft employee confirmed the feature on Twitter.

Your Phone right click

The third feature is available for non-Insiders that lets you quickly save the phone photos. You can now right-click any photos and save it directly into your PC. Previously, the right-click menu only allowed users to copy & share photos.

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