HP Elite x3 with Windows 10
Image Courtesy: PCWorld.com

Microsoft is said to be working on a lightweight version of the desktop operating system reported called ‘Lite’ and it is intended to be optimised for 2-in-1s, laptops and tablets. According to Brad Sams, the ‘Lite’ operating system is squarely aimed at the likes of affordable 2-in-1s that use the lightweight Chrome OS from Google.

Windows Lite may or may not be promoted under the Windows brand, according to the report. The name Lite might be a placeholder for internal development and the company could opt for an entirely different name when it brings the OS to the market.

The “truly lightweight” OS will power the affordable and new form factor devices from Microsoft’s partners. The new report claims that Microsoft is working on Lite for two type of devices – Centaurus and Pegasus.

As the last report revealed, Centaurus devices are dual-screen devices. Pegasus, on the other hand, refers to a new lineup of laptops with different configurations or features running the Lite OS.

Microsoft’s rumoured Chrome OS killer

Unlike Windows 10, Microsoft’s Lite operating system will be reportedly simplified and targeted at a simpler use-case to compete with Chrome OS in the education sector and other markets. Lite will be the best choice for on-the-go needs and Windows 10 will always remain the best choice multi-tasking and as well as productivity.

Windows 10 Light Theme

Lite isn’t supposed to replace any existing version of Windows and it’s not something that the users would run on the desktop. Lite, which is said to be a truly lightweight platform, will also have instant-on functionality and it should be able to run on any CPU.

Microsoft may be planning to position Lite as its solution for browsing the internet, watching movies, mobility, and lightweight usage. Windows 10, on the other hand, will continue to serve as its multitasking, productivity and enterprise powerhouse.

Microsoft hasn’t confirmed the development of any new operating system but if the rumours and speculation are to be believed, more details in the regards could be shared in a couple of months. We could well be seeing Lite launch in late 2019 across a number of new devices.

  • WPJ

    Let’s see if we can make Windows Mobile all over again. Microsoft…

  • YeahRrright

    It is so funny to see how they are making a new OS while they can’t properly implement basic design coherency in to their current one for 3 years now. Touch keyboard – was fine at one point and then they DECIMATED it by redoing it in XAML, it still haven’t recovered…

    I mean for a software giant they really don’t know how to write proper software anymore…

  • Lolloso

    who kills with no apps ? in my opinion, “lite” is only the new white skin of the UI

    • 000

      who kill chromeOS?…but there are a lot of people that love this “environment” that is far away from a rel OS like Windows Lite…

  • 000

    I love it!

  • Sergiusz

    How many times will Microsoft push for dummy OS? Windows RT, Windows 10 Mobile (It was released for tablets so it counts), Windows S, Windows ARM. Now Windows Lite. All we want is stable and fast version of full Windows. That’s why I stick with Windows 8.1. It’s sooo much faster than W10.

  • georgex

    Just bring an OS that will replace Windows 10 Mobile on my 950XL :-)

  • Eric Appell


  • Apple_Jax

    Microsoft needs to throw in the towel on lite operating systems based on Windows, but like they did with browsers when they adopted Chromium, they should fully adopt Chromium OS.

    Call it WindOS, as in light as air, similar brand to Windows, and for Windbooks… their web only solution that uses Microsoft cloud services (Office, webmail, OneDrive, etc) built in.

    But they should do an all out push on both PWAs and WebAssembly, to push web standards and application infrastructure in a direction they can control, but that’s also compatible with any Chromebook.

  • eima

    I wonder will it be able to run on tablets and phones, or Microsoft won’t be coming back to those markets? well I guess dual screen device can be considered a tablet, but it will be really expensive..