New Skype app

Microsoft today is rolling out a new update for Windows 10 Skype users enrolled as Insiders. The latest update brings phone SMS conversations to Windows 10 users. The latest update is available for download on Windows 10 and Android devices.

With “SMS Connect” users will be able to sync all the messages from Android to Windows 10. This feature allows them to read and reply to the message from the desktop Skype application.

To be able to pair your Android and Windows 10 device, users should be on the latest insider update version 8.30 and above. Once downloaded you will no longer be required to use your mobile phone to reply to messages in Skype since you can directly reply from the desktop.

You will also be able to receive MMS content like Photos and Videos along with the option of starting new conversations. To be able to use the SMS connect feature on both your Android phone and Windows 10 make sure to enable the feature on your Android device.

To enable you need to tap on your profile picture and go to Settings>Messaging>SMS and then enable SMS Connect. Once enabled users will be getting a similar experience as with the message integration which was rolled by the Redmond Giant to the Your Phone app for Windows 10 Insiders.

Microsoft advises the users that SMS Connect feature is no way a replacement to the Android phone’s default messaging application and the company suggests user to continue to use the messaging app to view SMS conversations.

Currently, the update is available for Skype Insiders and Microsoft promises that it is working on more improvements to the SMS Connect app in upcoming updates before it is rolled out to the public.

  • Rumin8

    Here they go queering the pitch again. I have just got Your Phone working (except when it fails to connect to my Android phone), having joined the insider programme.

    And now I hear they have yet again tried to build SMS into the Skype app. Last time they tried it, it was buggy to the point of uselessness. The SMS texts on my phone and the ones in Skype never tallied.

    Sounds to me like they are running their dev groups like split brain patients none of them having a clue what the others are doing. What we want is COORDINATION. I would rather have ONE app that WORKS rather than dev resource being wasted on multiple half-ass attempts to make something work.

    Also they need to stop going for the most insanely complex ways of doing things that they can find. I have PushBullet on my laptop. I was using it to view and send SMS texts. It WORKED. And had OTHER features too. However, since installing Your Phone, it no longer works.

    Guess which one I am going to remove.