Windows 10 upgrade

Windows 7 will stop receiving updates and security patches from January 2020 which will make the OS unsafe to use any longer. EOL refers to ‘End-of-life’ and it is the point where Microsoft stops supporting a product. With Windows 7 reaching end-of-life in 2020, there’s a huge potential opportunity lying for Microsoft’s reseller partners.

There’s apparently more chances for partners to sell customers on migration and other services. The report claims that by the time Microsoft ends support for Windows 7, around 30 percent of all PCs will be acquired via DaaS (also known as device-as-a-service).

Windows commercial EOL
Image Courtesy: and Microsoft

DaaS approach is apparently supposed to target organizations and enterprises. Microsoft has reportedly advised the resellers to use the DaaS approach to set up a platform with different services and lease new Windows 10 PCs to customers instead of simply selling the devices.

Windows 10 and 7 market share from third-party firms

Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system has less than 40% market and while it’s dropping slowly, many users are not ready at all to shift to the modern product.

Windows 10 recorded 0.18 per cent increase in market share last month, despite having received several improvements in terms of features and performance. Windows 7 jumped from 41.79 percent to 43.03 percent, according to NetMarketShare data.

StatCounter, on the other hand, reports that Windows 10 is the most popular desktop operating system. StatCounter’s last month report also adds that Windows 10 dropped from 47.21% to 46.75%, when Windows 7 improved from 39.44% to 39.63%.

  • Phil Brinkle

    Yes, Windows 7 is unsafe, but it is more stabile than Windows 10, more compatible with old software, more friendly. It takes me 15 secs to load Windows 7 and 45 secs to load Windows 10 v1803.

    • Windows 10 is never unstable (for me and most people if you do a good search on Google) and loads faster than Windows 7 (on my PC). I hardly know any software that won’t work with Windows 10. There is always the compatibility option to get very old software working.

    • M Rankin

      what are you running in the background on your Windows 10 device
      Mine loads in 6.1 seconds ( hard disk drive). Have no stability issues even on my older devices.
      Haven’t had any problems With my old software not working either.

  • Shailesh

    Microsoft again doing stupid mistake, windows 10 has so many flaws, and still not fully stqble compared to windows 7, also windows doesnt support many third party applications which are under develoepment or been developed for windows 7,8. So its going to be downpath for microsoft compared to other os available in the market, lile IOS, UBUNTU OTHER FREE OS WNVIRONMENT.